Blooket Dashboard: Exploring the World of Educational Gaming 2023

Innovation is the secret to taking part in the field of education. This idea is demonstrated by the Blooket Dashboard, which gives instructors and students alike a superb tool.

This article explores the Blooket Dashboard and explains its work, advantages, and effects on gamified learning. Let’s go out on an adventure to discover the diverse world of educational gamification.

Blooket Dashboard Overview:

One can host, solo, view, or play their own sets on the Dashboard page of Blooket without entering Discover. It offers a user-friendly interface that makes it simple for teachers to build, personalize, and administer different learning activities.

Top 5 Blooket Dashboard sections:

The Blooket Dashboard has sections foster interactive learning:

1. My Sets

The Dashboard User Interface You can find your sets in this part, which is simple and explanatory. You can also find a search bar for your sets here and a button to create a new folder, but the latter requires a subscription.

2. News

The news area of Blooket displays the most recent updates. Go to the dashboard first. The ‘News’ button is located on the left. It will continually update, and on April 1st 2021, the news reported “Everything is fine” upside down, as did other headlines on that day.

There will be new boxes or game modes. The Blooket News will appear when you access the dashboard for the first time without selecting the News button due to new changes.

You may view the Blooket News here, including any announcements or improvements to Blooket.

3. Homework:

Homework ‘You can see your assigned homework in this section. The majority of mobile devices and small screens do not display this.

The games Tower of Doom, Tower Defence, Cafe, Factory, Crazy Kingdom, and Monster Brawl can currently be assigned as homework. You cannot play:

  • Racing
  • Classic
  • Crypto Hack
  • Fishing Frenzy
  • Blook Rush
  • Battle Royale
  • Santa’s Workshop
  • Gold Quest
  • Candy Quest (Gold Rush Reskin/Halloween Retextured) because these game modes can be played solo.

4. Favorites:

Favourites You can look through the sets you’ve marked as favourites in this section. If you don’t have any favourites, a message stating “You don’t have any favourites:(” will appear. If you are interested, you can designate a set as a favourite so that it appears in the favourites tab, as shown by the “Discover favourites” underneath it.

5. History:

You may view your history of hosting question sets in this section. This section does not display on small or mobile screens, primarily phones. The set might not save in history if you host a question set but are still working on it when you close it in the middle of the game.

Random Facts Blooket Dashboard:

The dashboard used to have a feature that allowed others to follow you if you had been designated as their “introducer” for Blooket. After a few follows, one can take advantage of a free month of Plus. This has been taken away because more people are playing Blooket.


A new era of interactive learning is introduced with the Blooket Dashboard, which exceeds conventional educational techniques. It is a must-have tool for instructors and students looking to maximize the benefits of gamified learning due to its cutting-edge features, smooth integration, and capacity to increase engagement.

Remember that education is about more than just gaining information as you begin your journey with the Blooket Dashboard. It’s also about igniting a passion for learning that lasts a lifetime.


Q1. How can I access Blooket News?

The “News” area of Blooket displays the most recent game-related changes and news. Go to the dashboard first. The ‘News’ button is located on the left.

Q2. In Blooket 2023, is there a Valentine’s pack?

A Chroma Blook called The Lovely Planet was made available on February 14th, 2023, for the Valentine’s Day Event. It comes in its pack and, unlike the Lovely Frog, is not part of it. You can purchase it for 500 tokens and sell it for 300 like other chromas.

Q3. How uncommon are legendary creatures in Blooket?

The fourth-highest rarity of blookets is legendary. They are the second-rarest item that may be found in a pack. The drop rate for legendary items ranges from 0.2% to 1.05% (or, on average, 0.49%).

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