Blooket Tower Defense Setup

Blooket has become a well-liked platform in the fascinating online gaming world, drawing gamers in with its captivating action. The tower defence set up in Blooket is one of its most strategic features.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore the nuances of setting up a powerful Blooket tower defence arrangement to give you an advantage over your opponents.

This book will provide you with the information and tactics you need to be successful, whether you are an experienced player or a newbie to the game.

Bloket Tower Defense Configuration: The Essentials

Blooket tower defence setup requires thoughtful preparation, strategic thinking, and a thorough grasp of the game’s rules. The key to a successful setup is building a defence that effectively combats the waves of enemies known as “bloons” (which resemble balloons) while maximising your offensive potential. 

Blooket Tower Defense Setup Guide | 3 Simple Steps

Have you ever wondered how to play Blooket Tower Defense past level 1000? You’re in the correct place. I’ll explain the approach and show you how to get over round 1000 in this instructable. a Blooket profile. If you don’t have one, making one is simple.

Blooket Tower Defense Setup Guide | 3 Simple Steps
source: tutorcruncher

Step 1: Find a Good Set:

  • You should select the first set after searching for “easy easy” in the “Discover” tab.
  • Select “Solo” next. Select the map Sunny Meadow under Tower Defense > New Game.

Step 2: Start the game:

  • When asked if you want a tutorial, select yes.
  • Purchase a chick using the tutorial’s coins. Buy a unicorn and sell the chick in the following round. Purchase the “Majestic Unicorn” Upgrade with the leftover money.

Step 3: A Setup Plan:

  • It would help if you attempted the above formation. Ideally, the Party Pigs would be Bomber Pig becomes, Boomer Pig, Perspective Pig, and finally Party Pig. Wind Dragon follows Swift Dragon, then Speed Dragon, then Flame Dragon.
  • Majestic unicorn comes before Kaboom unicorn and after Crazy unicorn.
  • The variations include helpful Jester, Charming Jester, General Jester, and Mini Jester. Quick, Speedy, and Agent Owls follow Owl Sniper.
  • Use any extra coins to place the Wind Dragons and Unicorns before adding the owls, jesters, and pigs.

That brings us to the end of the guide! I was hoping you liked it!

Note: Keep an eye on your solid defence as it destroys Evil Blooks. 


Blooket tower defence setups must be strong due to planning, adaptability, and in-depth knowledge of the game principles.

You’ll be well on your way to mastering tower defence by putting the tactics described in this tutorial into practice and remaining aware of the particular difficulties brought on by various blood types and maps. Build your towers, plan where to put them, and confidently repel the balloon invasion!


Q1. Which tower Defense setup in Blooket is the best?

I think the best towers to have are the Dragons and the Unicorns, especially the Crazy Unicorn.

Q2. Which Tower Defense Blooket boss is the toughest?

The White Slime monster is among the most formidable enemies in Wave 50. It has a health bar of 5,000. The sensing towers that can swiftly deal a lot of damage are the only way to defeat it. 

Q3. Which Tower Defense 2 Blooket item is the greatest to use?

The best towers to have are the Goldfish and Alien Blooks. The fact that every building in Tower Defense 2 has a label indicating whether the Blook can fight phantom Blooks is a significant improvement. Later levels filled with ghost blocks will benefit from these ghost-detecting Blooks.

Q4. How many HP does Blooket’s white boss have?

Unfortunately, it’s much more complex than it seems to defeat the White Slime. The boss is the largest in Blooket and has an absurd 5,000 health points.

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