Blooket vs Kahoot

Educational platforms have revolutionized how we learn and interact with information in the digital age. Blooket and Kahoot are two well-known platforms that have attracted the interest of both educators and students. 

This article will compare and contrast Blooket vs. Kahoot. analyzing their unique features, advantages, and applications.

Whether you are a teacher looking to gamify your classroom or a student looking for a fun and interactive learning experience. Keep reading to determine which platform is best for you. Let’s begin with a brief review of what it is.

Blooket vs. Kahoot introduction

What is blooket?

Blooket is an exciting new way to play review games in the classroom. It combines movement with learning to make the best way to learn. It is a free website with games to help you learn and review. The games are set up by grade level, subject, and theme.

This is a tool for assessment, particularly formative evaluation. When a student gets a question right, they earn points. These points can be used to buy and sell “Blooks.”

Blooket vs. Kahoot introduction

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is an online forum for learning via games that makes it easy to make, share, and play learning games or trivia tests in minutes. Over 1 billion people play it yearly at school, work, and home.

It is a free tool for getting student responses that can be used to give quizzes, lead talks, and collect survey data. 

We already said these are online platforms, so we must sign up. Let’s talk about how to sign up for both sites.

What is Kahoot?

Blooket vs. Kahoot signup process:

How can I sign up for Blooket? (5 simple steps).

  1. Visit Click Sign Up in the upper right area to start making an account.
  2. Choose the way you want to sign up. Sign Up with an Email to make an account or Sign Up with Google to link it to your Google account.
  3. Fill in the boxes with the information that is asked for. This could be your email address, login, and password.
  4. Tell me how old you are. Check the box that says you’re over 13 (or at least 16 if you’re not in the U.S.), showing you’re old enough to use Blooket. To make an account, click Sign Up.
  5. Choose the type of account you want to make. When asked, say whether you are a student or a teacher. You can change this in the settings if you wish.

Once you sign up, a pop-up message will appear where you can choose whether you are a teacher or a student. For this review, I picked “teacher.”

From here, you can see your screen right away. At first, you have two main choices: you can either make a set or find sets.

How can I join Kahoot?

Go to the Kahoot! Website and press on the “Sign up”  in the top right corner of the page to make a free account. Choose your type of account. 

  • Teacher
  • Student
  • Personal
  • Professional
How can I join Kahoot?

Describe where you work:

  • School
  • Business

I picked Teacher for this show-and-tell. Then I had to choose which school I go to. You can set up an account in a few different ways.

This is what you can do:

  • Sign up with Google
  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Clever

The last choice is to sign up the old-fashioned way, which I did. After that, you’ll be taken to a sales page where you’ll have to choose between three plans whose prices will be discussed later.

Here, you don’t have to pick a paid plan. A button in the bottom right corner says, “Continue for free.”

If you click that, you’ll be taken to your page. You should be able to use everything Kahoot! has to offer from this page.

Blooket vs. Kahoot!: Pros and Cons

Blooket vs. Kahoot pros:

Blooket prosKahoot pros
There is a lot of rivalry in the games.It is feasible to create questions in any language. 
Students can work at their tempo to solve problems.The system can give a PIN for security. 
Use of the service is free.You can easily share the screen with other players. 
The level of retention is very high.There is a wide variety of games – almost 50 million to pick from! 
The games are attractive. The website isn’t limited to just quizzes; it can also be used for training and presentations.
 The platform is helpful for businesses. Non-academic institutions can use it.

Blooket vs. Kahoot cons:

The instructor has no control over questions submitted by students.There’s no way to change the music in the background.
Multiple-choice exams have their limitations.Monitoring student development is complex.
It takes a lot of effort to adjust the questions. 

Blooket vs. Kahoot!: Resemblances & Distinctions

Sign up processyesyes
Forming a game or quizyesyes
Creating slidesNoyes
Game filesyesyes
Hosting a gameyesyes
Mobile AppNoyes
Control panelyesyes
Reports and assessmentyesyes

Blooket vs. Kahoot pricing plans:

Blooket Pricing: 3 base packages:

  1. It’s free and yours to have forever, with all the setups and game styles you can handle. A total of sixty participants are allowed in this game.
  1. In addition, the annual fee is $2.99 each month. All the perks of the free plan are yours, and the maximum number of users is tripled to 300. You can also duplicate sets and receive bonus tokens.
  1.  Flex charges $4.99 monthly instead of $49.99 annually. You can cancel anytime and get all the same benefits as the Plus Plan.

Kahoot pricing:

  1. The first tier, “Free,” is forever free but limits you to 50 users. Some features of the game are also locked to paying customers only.
  1. Pro: It just costs $3 a month per classroom teacher. Pools, riddles, and slide designs are just some options at your disposal. Each game can only have 100 participants.
  1. The monthly Premium fee is $6 per classroom teacher. With this package, you can play with up to 200 people at once and gain access to brand-new game modes.
  1. The monthly fee for Premium Plus is $9 per classroom teacher. A new feature allows for an uncapped educator group of up to 2,000 players every match. You’ll have complete access to the course materials as well.

Blooket vs. Kahoot!: Help Desk


Blooket’s customer service is limited to email and a wiki. You should check their Frequently Asked Questions page for clarification if you have any questions.

If you can’t find the answer to your problem in their FAQs, you’ll have to submit a support ticket and wait for a resolution.

There is no set waiting period. The Policy page also includes the physical address of their office, should you choose to visit them there.


Kahoot! Provides a platform for communicating with customers via email and a website-based knowledge base.

The chat platform allows you to “speak” with a representative in real-time, but there is no phone number to dial.

Kahoot! also has various social media profiles where you can contact them outside of these methods. Like:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Wrapping up:

Finally, in the duel of Blooket vs. Kahoot, both systems provide unique capabilities and exciting experiences for instructors and students.

You should think about your learning objectives, classroom setup, and available funds before deciding between Blooket and Kahoot.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. Blooket vs. Kahoot: which is better?

When comparing the two, Kahoot!’s method for hosting games and quizzes is superior because it provides more customization choices. A premium plan is required, which is the one drawback.

2. Was Kahoot the inspiration for Blooket?

Something like a cross between Kahoot and a video game or Jackbox game. It’s not hard to see that Blooket is essentially a Kahoot quiz with an added incentive (like a race or some other game element).

Like Quizizz, students work at their own pace and earn “money” for right answers while answering multiple-choice questions on their devices.

3. Why do people love using Blooket?

The freshness of the content and the variety of books available all contribute to Blooket’s popularity among college students. They show a lot of interest and enthusiasm. It can be used in the same way that Kahoot is (for reviewing or trivia games).

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