Game Modes in Blooket

Are you seeking an entertaining and engaging way to involve your pupils in learning? Learn about the wonderful world of “Game Modes in Blooket,” an educational platform that mixes quizzes and game components to make studying fun. How can the many game types in Blooket transform your teaching methods? Explore now!

How many game modes are there in Blooket?

Currently, players can choose from 12 different game modes. Only available in December and January, Santa’s Workshop and Candy Quest replace Gold Quest during October.

Game modes can be played solo, which means without a host, or they can be played hosted. In this case, the host displays a code on a screen, and players join using that code. Blooket Plus is only necessary to play some game types—new modes only require it.

12 or more unique game modes in blooket (choice is yours!):

Many learners, especially those who enjoy playing video games, will find Blooket to their liking because it offers a variety of game types, some of which are similar to games they may already be familiar with (like Pokemon, for instance).

In effect, these game modes “trick” learners into practising the teacher-created material by simulating other forms of games that they play for fun.

Here is a quick overview of these Blooket modes.

1. Blook Rush:

Participants respond to questions while they can attack or defend. If they attack, they deprive the other team of a shield, weakening their defense. If they play defense, they or their team will receive a shield. They can take a character (a blook) from a squad without safeguards by attacking them. 

2. Café: 

In this game mode, players pretend to be waiters and waitresses in a café, offering various dishes according to the points they receive for correctly answering questions.

3. Crypto Hack: 

At the beginning of the game, players can choose from five distinct passwords. They then respond to questions while attempting to crack the passwords of other participants by selecting one from three possible guesses for each password. They can steal a piece of other people’s cryptocurrency if they make a reasonable estimate.

4. Factory: 

In this game, players respond to questions while attempting to earn as much money as possible by purchasing various units, each producing cash at a different rate.

5. Fishing Frenzy: 

Players attempt to catch higher-weight fish while answering questions.

6. Gold Quest: 

Players respond to questions while choosing randomly from one of three chests to win or lose their gold. The options are to lose a specific proportion of their gold, swap all of their gold with another player, or steal a particular percentage of another player’s wealth.

7. Racing: 

Players compete against one another by responding to questions in the quickest time possible. The first person to accurately respond to every question wins the game.

8. Tower Defence: 

In this game, players create their defense by constructing towers to fend off waves of wicked blooks (characters).

9. Classic: 

a Kahoot-like game mode where questions are shown on players’ smartphones.

10. Battle Royale:

 similar to classic mode, players face off against one another or a different team while providing answers.

11. Crazy Kingdom: 

Players keep a kingdom afloat by responding to various visitors’ inquiries and overseeing their finite resources.

12. Tower of Doom: 

Players compete with one another by responding to questions while accruing more points in Strength, Wisdom, or Charisma cards. 

Which Blooket game modes are the best?

In Blooket, there are a variety of game modes, each with its unique attributes. What you want your pupils to learn will determine which game style is best for your lesson.

For instance, if you’re trying to impart knowledge about a historical figure, start with a Blook Rush game. Players must select the correct response from a list of options in this game. They have the option of playing individually or as a group.

Tower Defence is a different style of instructional Blooket game. Students construct tower defences and respond to questions to accumulate cash and points in this mode. They can improve their reasons if they receive the appropriate responses.

Tower Defence is excellent for distance learning. The game’s start time can be customised.

Tower Defence is excellent for distance learning. The game’s end time can be determined, and homework assignments can be given. Tasks can then be completed at any time by students.

In Blooket, there are other learning modalities. Only a portion of them are accessible for the class play. They work well for solo practice, though.

The player avatars that show up in the games are called Blooks. The Blooks, which have various shapes, are dispersed throughout the game.

Players must provide prompt and precise answers to questions to gain money and power-ups. They can advance and go back to the previous screen with power-ups.

Another card-based game that helps with homework is Tower of Doom. Students have the option of creating their questions or using live hosting.

Another card-based game that helps with homework is Tower of Doom. Students can design their own question sets or use live hosting. The number of questions teachers want their pupils to answer is up to them.

Defence Towers(4 easy steps):

One of the most challenging mobile games on the market is Blooket Tower Defence. The good news is that many approaches exist to becoming an expert at the game. Some of these techniques are straightforward, while others would call for some testing. Fortunately, we have some advice to assist you to improve your performance and utilise your time effectively.

1. If you’re starting, choose a map as your initial step. Pick a map that you believe matches your level of expertise. The game’s more challenging stages should be manageable for a high-level player.

2. Picking your towers comes first, then choosing a map. The most crucial component of your setup is these towers. Tokens, obtained by winning games or earning by finishing levels, can be used to buy them.

3. Stacking towers of various types is one of the best tower defense techniques. You’ll have an advantage over your rivals thanks to this. For instance, some buildings may be more damaging than others.

4. Combining speed towers is yet another effective tactic. An intelligent investment is a guardian tower that causes much damage over time.

5. Coins will be awarded to you as you advance in the game. You can purchase enhancements by using these coins. Thanks to these upgrades, your towers’ power will rise, which may also offer unique perks.

A fun game to play with friends is Blooket Tower Defence. Learning some Blooket Tower Defence tricks is best to maximize your enjoyment of the game.

Watching a few replays is also a good idea. You will gain some understanding of what functions well and what does not.

Infernal Tower (card game):

A card game called Tower of Doom was created to assist pupils with their schoolwork. Players must respond to questions to gain tokens and move up the tower. The host can alter the game’s difficulty levels to suit their preferences.

There are several cards in the Tower of Doom, including spells, artefacts, and blooks. Different cards have unique properties. A character with Strength, for instance, has more points than one with Charisma.

A player aims to maintain good health. They can accomplish this by constructing and improving towers. They gain more cash by protecting their buildings. Players will lose some of their health if they cannot preserve their outlook.

Coins are utilised in Tower of Doom, which can be used to purchase potent cards and power-ups. Players can use these cards to protect their towers from nefarious Blooks.

Tower Defence is one of Blooket’s most well-liked game variants. This mode introduces strategy and accuracy and has no time limit. Additionally, a coin-based incentive system is presented. A player gets one upgrade token for each well-answered question. They must then construct a protective field to aid in their survival.

Live hosting is also supported in this game mode. The teacher can control the game’s parameters and get real-time information on how well the students are doing.

The Crazy Kingdom game mode is another well-liked Blooket game variant. The player must oversee the kingdom’s resources and respond to visitors’ inquiries. 

Individuals or groups of students can play this game.

There are other additional game modes accessible as nicely. Some can be played for free, while others need a Blooket Plus membership. Some game modes also accommodate both live and homework assignments.

Monster Fight

An excellent new website called Blooket combines games and online quizzes. It’s a terrific approach to keep pupils entertained while engaging them in their studies. The website offers a vast selection of simple-to-locate and make games.

Gold Quest is one of the most well-liked game modes. Speed and chance are used in this game to make learning fun. You can pick eight iconic movie creatures to compete for the title of the best monster in the movie.

Even though Blooket’s games are easy to play, they take some getting used to. Here are a few pointers and hints to get the most out of Blooket.

Make sure you aren’t cheating first. Video game cheating might result in account suspension.

Second, before you sign up, carefully read the Blooket Privacy Policy.

You should know that details about how you play, including your responses, may be utilised for valid objectives like performance tracking. You can use the website as a teacher to monitor student progress and ask other gamers to participate.

Finally, it would help if you investigated the additional game modes. These include Factory, Crazy Kingdom, Cafe, and Tower of Doom. Each method is made to test your abilities in different ways. There may be minimal player requirements depending on the game you are playing.

Last but not least, other elements keep your players engaged. Tokens and points can be exchanged. Additionally, there’s a chance to steal points. You may hone your abilities and master your target language by playing the correct games.


Students may learn in a dynamic and engaging environment thanks to Blooket’s game modes. Each game level provides distinct possibilities for engaging with educational content, from the time-honoured quizzes in the Classic group to the daring Boss Mode. Blooket can help teachers improve their teaching methods and help students learn in a fun and effective way.


Q1. What are the different game modes on Blooket?

A teacher or presenter selects a question set and a special game mode, which is how it works. We then produce a code that players can enter to join the game on their devices. Players will respond to questions after the game has begun to assist them in winning.

Q2. Which game modes are available for solo play in Blooket?

Tower of Doom, Tower Defence, Crazy Kingdom, Cafe, Factory, Tower Defence 2, and Monster Brawl is the only game modes currently available for solo play; you cannot play Racing, Classic, Crypto Hack, Fishing Frenzy, Blook Rush, Battle Royale, Santa’s Workshop, Gold Quest, or Candy Quest (Gold Rush Reskin)

Q3. What are the different game modes on Blooket?

A teacher or presenter selects a question set and a special game mode, which is how it works. We then produce a code that players can enter to join the game on their devices. Players will respond to questions after the game has begun to assist them in winning.

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