How Do You Get a Mythical in Blooket

Players can explore many worlds and creatures in the entertaining, educational video game Blooket. Getting magical creatures, which provide fun with an extra degree of excitement and rarity, is one of the most thrilling parts.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps of obtaining magical animals in Blooket, providing insider advice, tactics, and solutions to frequently asked concerns.

How do you get mythical in Blooket? Only one way!

The only way to get Mystical Blooks is to win an event. There are only 4 Mysticals in the game at the moment, one of which is the Spooky Ghost owned by:

  • Wat
  • Metella
  • AceOfSpadesOG
  • Gogzi

What are the Blooket Mystical Blooks? (4 different varieties of Mystical Blooks)

If you play Blooket, you might be curious about the Mystical Blooks that are accessible. The hardest blooks to obtain, these are also the rarest.

Unique occurrences offer the opportunity to get Mystical Books. To earn these uncommon blooks, you can participate in the Pokemon Are Cool Event (PAC) or the Blooket Contest of Candy event.

What are the Blooket Mystical Blooks? (4 different varieties of Mystical Blooks)
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One of the designers of Blooket, Ben Stewart, is running a PAC competition. Players of the PAC game collect specific Pokemon cards to unlock all of the looks.

Blooket has four different varieties of Mystical Blooks. 

1. The Ghost Blook has been given a new color. It appears to be a red astronaut when steady, but it changes colors when you utilize the mysterious feature.

2. The second item is an animated blook that is obtainable through the Santa’s Workshop game mode. It is known as the Tim the Alien Blook and costs 1,000 tokens to purchase.

3. The Rainbow Astronaut Blook is another animated Mystical Blook. This Blook, available during the Blooket Contest of Candy event, alters the red astronaut’s color to a different hue.

4. The Legendary Rarity Blooks are the fourth and last group. These are the most challenging and are only available in specific boxes. They are the priciest and have a 1% lower drop rate than Common or Uncommon looks. It’s just as challenging to have a legendary rarity look as it is to get a decent grade without studying.

Can you quickly obtain Mystical Blooks? (4 Major Occasions)

Using magical Blooks will help you raise your game’s score. You can find these ethereal beings in Blooket, but you’ll have to put in some time and work to get them. Winning competitions is the most excellent way to obtain them.

The four different varieties of Mystical Blooks. Each is distinct and has a different drop rate. By participating in Blooket events and providing answers to questions, you can also earn Mystical Blooks.

Mystical Blooks are extremely tough to find and rare. You may sell them for many tokens and can only buy them from specific boxes. However, some occasions provide forth uncommon Mystical Blooks as prizes to gamers.

1. The Contest of Candy is one event that will assist you in obtaining a Mystical Blook. It’s a Halloween-themed game where you have to provide answers to questions to win candy. You’ll get a Spooky Ghost blook if you succeed.

2. The Pokemon Are Cool Event is another occasion where participants can receive Mystical Blooks as a reward. You must gather cards from a particular set to complete this Ben Stewart-made game. You can purchase skins as you progress through the game to alter the appearance of your characters.

3. Besides the event-specific skins, the Safari Box also sells the Rainbow Astronaut Blook, a Mystical Blook. The red astronaut’s color is altered in this recolored version of the champion’s skin.

4. The Legendary Universal Never-Been-Seen Championships of Hockey, an annual March event, round out the list. A reward of a Phantom King Blook will be given to the top two guilds and top two guides. It’s a rare chance to obtain this elusive Blook, which just fifty people own.

What kind of rarity are the Mystical Blooks in Brooklet?

Blooket events that enable a particular character class are known as Mystical Blooks. They are not sold in packs and are extremely difficult to obtain. However, These looks are a fantastic method to raise your level and score.

The four forms of Mystical Blooks range in rarity. These include Phantom King, Rainbow Astronaut, Spooky Ghost, and Tim the Alien. Additional rewards include Legendary Rarity Blooks. These are only available via playing unique boxes and participating in Blooket events.

What kind of rarity are the Mystical Blooks in Brooklet?
source: youtube

1. A Mystical Rarity Blook called Rainbow Astronaut can be obtained through Blooket events. This Blook alters the red astronaut’s colour to a different hue. The designers of Blooket produced this Mystical Rarity Blook.

2. Spooky Ghost is Blooket’s first animated Blook. Only in Santa’s Workshop is the animated Blook available for purchase, costing 1,000 tokens.

3. The second Mystical Rarity Blook in Blooket is Tim the Alien. A revolving cow blook is in the centre of this animated blink. The top two guilds in the PoP competition and the top 10 receive Tim the Alien.

4. Winning the LUNCH Event, also known as the Legendary Universal Never-Been-Seen Championships of Hockey, will net you another Mystical Rarity Blook. This occurs in March each year.

5. You can obtain the Mystical Blook of the Month by winning the LUNCH event. The most challenging mystical Blook to acquire is this one. You must be at the top of your form to qualify for this reward.

6. Exceptional Rarity Blooks rank third in terms of rarity. These blouses are the most expensive and the most difficult to find. Their decline rates range from 0.2% to 1.05%.

By winning the Blooket events, you can get all the other Mystical Blooks. Even though you might have to play through several rounds and take part in several games, the effort is worthwhile. Blooket competition winners receive valuable and uncommon goodies. Winning an event effectively raises your score and level, regardless of your Blooket experience.


Blooket’s mythological creature unlocking feature ups the excitement and sense of accomplishment. You can acquire these uncommon and prized creatures by participating in special events, finishing achievements, resolving puzzles, and becoming an expert in various gameplay mechanics. To get the most out of your Blooket experience, keep trying, collaborate with friends, and stay current on announcements.


Q1. What mythical creature is the rarest in Blooket?

Megalodon: The Megalodon shark blook is the most difficult to obtain from the Legendary Blook Rarity. It is not by default, accessible.

Q2. What is the Blooket mythological king?

The Phantom King is a Mystical look. Therefore you don’t come with it by default. You can purchase it for 1,000 tokens. A fake occurred before it was made public.

Q3. How does one obtain the fabled ghost of Blooket?

A legendary look is a Ghost. This implies that it is not yours by default and that you must unlock it. It may be obtained by purchasing the Spooky Pack, only temporarily offered. The decrease rate for this style is 0.65%.

Q4. Where can I find King Blooket?

King is a blook of Legend. Your chance of receiving this Blook is 1%. As a result, it is not available to you by default and must be unlocked via a pack. This appearance may be obtained by purchasing the Medieval (⚔) package.

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