How Much Health Does the White Boss Have in BlooKet? 2023

Blooket’s colorful environment captivates players with its fascinating gameplay and challenging levels. The game’s encounter with multiple bosses, each with unique skills and traits, is one of its most exciting features.

The white boss stands out as an adamant foe among them, prompting the query, “How much health does the white boss have in Blooket?”

This extensive manual explores the white boss’s health complexities, providing insights, advice, and solutions to your questions.

Before moving towards our topic, first, we must know who white slime is.

Who is White Slime?

The most potent boss in Blooket is White Slime. After taking down a sizable number of Green, Red, and Black Blooks, it appears at level 50. You will have to eliminate roughly 100 White Slimes on wave 200. 

Who is White Slime?
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Unfortunately, it’s much harder to defeat the White Slime. The boss is the largest in Blooket and has an absurd 5,000 health points. Even though White Slime compensates for such a substantial portion of HP’s slowed pace, the boss’s strength is unaffected. You can read the instructions for Blooket’s White Slime below.

Uncovering the Health of the White Boss:

The BlooKet community is curious about and divided on the White Boss’s health. Players have done in-depth research and tests to determine the number’s health even though the game’s creators have not openly published it.

Based on these group efforts, the White Boss is thought to have about 5000 health points. This large health pool makes beating the White Boss challenging and demands careful planning and expert technique.

How to Beat the White Boss? 4 Top Features

BlooKet players must use cunning techniques and cooperation to defeat the White Boss. Here are some ideas to consider:

How to Beat the White Boss? 4 Top Features
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1. Team Coordination: Work with your team members to increase your success chances. Your games can be considerably improved by transparent role allocation and effective communication.

2. Use Power-Ups: BlooKet provides a variety of power-ups that might give you a competitive advantage. Utilize these power-ups wisely to outlast the White Boss and deliver more damage.

3. Upgrade Your Gear: You may strengthen your character by improving your gear and skills. Your damage output and survival will rise. As a result, making it easier to defeat the White Boss.

4. Examine Attack Patterns: By studying its attack patterns, you can predict the White Boss’s movements and minimize unneeded damage.

The Joy of Victory and Benefits:

The White Boss in BlooKet is a challenge that gives players a feeling of happiness when they succeed. Players can obtain worthwhile in-game incentives like rare goods, money, and experience points in addition to the pleasure of victory. These prizes improve your character and show the BlooKet community how strong you are.


So, the White Boss is a deadly and mysterious foe in the magical world of BlooKet. Players are still enthralled by the thrill of overcoming this challenging foe, even though its health is unknown. The boss is the largest in Blooket because of its ridiculous 5,000 health points.

Note: Every meeting with the White Boss in BlooKet is a memorable adventure because of the excitement of the battle and the friendship with your other players.


Q1. How much health does Blooket’s black boss have?

At spawn, the black blook has 85 health.

Q2. How uncommon is white slime creature blooket?

A common beast look is the slime monster. This implies that you are not automatically in possession of it and that you must unlock it using a box. This appearance can be accessed by checking the Medieval (⚔) box. Its loss rate is 13.4%.

Q3. The white boss Blooket can you defeat?

The White Slime monster is among the most formidable enemies to arrive in Wave 50. It has a health bar of 5,000. The use of towers that can swiftly deal a lot of damage is, therefore, the only way to defeat it.

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