How to Get Astronaut in Blooket

Blooket, the popular online multiplayer quiz game, has taken over the gaming industry. There is no greater joy than competing with friends and other gamers while discovering new truths.

Becoming an astronaut is one of the most desirable goals in Blooket. You gain a reputation and a competitive advantage from being an astronaut, not to mention bragging rights among your other players.

This guide will take you step-by-step through becoming an astronaut in Blooket, from mastering tests to playing strategically.

In Blooket, What is Astronaut Blook?

In Blooket, the Astronaut is a renowned blook. It must be unlocked via a box because it is a Legendary blook and is not available by default.

In particular, it can be acquired by cracking open the Space Box, which offers the opportunity to reveal the Astronaut. When purchasing, there is a 0.45% chance that the Astronaut’s appearance will be unlocked from the Space Box.

How toai  Get Astronaut in Blooket? 8 Simple Steps!

The Astronaut is a Legendary blook in Blooket. It is not available by default and must be unlocked through a box.

How toai  Get Astronaut in Blooket? 8 Simple Steps!
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  1. To unlock the Astronaut, open the Space Box.
  2. The Space Box provides a chance to unlock the Astronaut
  3. When purchasing, the chance of opening the Astronaut from the Space Box is 0.45%.
  4.  If acquired, the Astronaut can be sold for 200 tokens.
  5.  Chroma variants of the Astronaut are available on specific days of the week.
  6. Chroma variants are rarer than the standard Astronaut.
  7. Buying a Space Pack gives a 0.05% chance to draw a Chroma.
  8.  Drawing a Chroma will result in a different color variant based on the day of the week.

How much money is given by the Astronaut in the Factory?

The Astronaut is in the Factory and, presuming there are no more space glances causing synergy, the Astronaut gives 45K cash every three seconds in level 1.

“How rare is astronaut blooket?

Space Pack Blook Rarity Astronaut Legendary 0.45%

  • Pink Astronaut Chroma 0.05% (Monday Only)
  • Yellow Astronaut Chroma 0.05% (Tuesday Only)
  • Black Astronaut Chroma 0.05% (Wednesday Only)”


  • Of all the Chroma reskins/variants in the game, the Astronaut has the most, with the Frog Blook and the Snow Globe having five. This version of the Astronaut is distinct from the others. For instance:
  1. Compared to the Chroma Astronauts, this blook’s eyebrows are situated differently since the Astronaut appears relaxed.
  2. The Chroma Astronauts have slightly bushier eyebrows, which gives them a more daring appearance.
  3. The Chroma Astronauts also have a window with a deeper tint, like a blue hue.\• Before changing to “Astro Aviators,” its Battle Royale team name was “Houston We Have A Problem.”
  • Regarding its prior Battle Royale team name, “Houston We Have A Problem,” it is a play on the phrase astronauts use when there is a problem during a space mission and a pun since Blooket’s main objective is to answer questions. “Houston, we have new books!” was also broadcast on the news feed.
  • In Blook Rush and the Battle, as mentioned above, Royale, the name of the Astronaut, is now Astro Aviators.
  • If you have a colored version of the Astronaut, the name in Battle Royale will change to “The [color] Crewmates,” potentially referencing the popular game Among Us, which is set to release in mid-2020. Since Among Us was a popular meme in 2020, this may have been introduced as a joke.
  • The Astronaut’s suit has the Blooket icon.


Blooket’s astronaut status can only be attained via commitment, planning, and endurance. You can advance in the game and realize your dream by establishing specific objectives, becoming as an expert at game mechanics, working with others, and utilizing power-ups.

Enjoy every second of the game since the journey is as essential as the destination. What are you still holding out for? Strive for the top as you enter the Blooket universe!


Q1. What is the procedure for obtaining the cyan astronaut in Blooket?

One of the 11 coloured astronauts of the Chroma rarity is the Cyan Astronaut. It is a Blook granted to the top 10 competitors in the Pokemon Are Cool (PAC) competition, which makes it unique from the other astronauts in that it can only be obtained along with the Lime Astronaut.

Q2. What is the free way to get the red astronaut in Blooket?

The Red Astronaut is a chroma look that drops at a rate of 0.05% from the Space Box.

Q3. How can I get a free black astronaut in Blooket?

A Chroma look is The Black Astronaut. This implies that it is not yours by default and that you must unlock it. It has a 0.05% chance of dropping from the Space Pack and is available there.

Q4. Does Blooket have a blue astronaut?

Only Ben Stewart’s brother, Tom Stewart, owns The Blue Astronaut, a rare Chroma blook. Because it isn’t part of the Space Box Cycle. In addition to being impossible to acquire, the Blue Astronaut still needs to be included in any game modes.

Q5. Which Blooket is the hardest to obtain?

Megalodon: The Megalodon shark blook is the most difficult to obtain from the Legendary Blook Rarity. It is not, by default, accessible.

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