Getting the prized King of Hearts card can be a game-changer when it comes to taking over the exciting world of Blooket. This guide will help you understand everything you need about this exciting project.

We’ll show you a carefully thought-out plan to help you get the King of Hearts in Blooket more often. Let’s get started!

The King of Hearts’s Charm:

The King of Hearts card has special powers and perks that make it stand out in the world of Blooket.

Getting this card can make a big difference in how you play, helping you outsmart your opponents and move up the ranks with style.

About Crazy Kingdom:

The King of Hearts will either ask you for 15 gold in exchange for 20 materials (he gives you 15 gold and takes 20 materials for some reason), ask you to throw a festival between two countries, or ask if you want some of his people. Say yes.

How to get the King of Hearts in Blooket?

The King of Hearts is a blook with a long history. This means you don’t have it by default and must buy a pack to get it.

This blook can be unlocked through the Wonderland box, and each pack opened has a 0.3% chance of giving it to you. So, to get The King of Hearts, players must keep opening the Wonderland Box until they get him.

This box only has one legendary card, so your chances of getting The King of Hearts are better than in boxes with more than one legendary card. How well a player did in the last game affects how many tokens they get in the next game.

The King of Hearts is in the Wonderland Box, which can be opened in the market. This box is from the book Alice in Wonderland, and it costs 15 tokens to open. 200 tokens can be paid for it. It is tied for the second rarest Legendary Blook in Blooket.

Getting good at the plan:

To win the King of Hearts, you’ll need a well-rounded plan incorporating tactical gameplay and an in-depth knowledge of Blooket dynamics.

1. Choose the right mode of play:

Pick game modes that play to your skills. Choose the ones that let you collect cards, making it more likely that you’ll find the King of Hearts.

2. Working together strategically:

Make smart partnerships. Work with others to improve your chances of getting the King of Hearts. Remember that a team that works well together can do amazing things.

3. Aim for rounds with high stakes

Pay attention to rounds with high prizes. The King of Hearts is likelier to show up in high-stakes games, so plan your moves properly.

4. Make a quick decision:

Blooket is a game where you have to decide quickly. Focus on speed and accuracy to take advantage of chances when they come up. You might be just seconds away from getting the King of Hearts.


As you try to get the King of Hearts in Blooket, remember that you’ll need a mix of planning, skill, and luck to succeed.

You’ll be well on your way to having the King of Hearts card in your virtual hands if you line your efforts with our expert strategies. May all of your Blooket adventures be filled with success and thrills!


Which Blooket legendary is the hardest to get?

Megalodon is a shark blook that is the hardest to get from the Legendary Blook Rarity. It is only sometimes available.

How many boxes do you have to open before you get the King Blooket?

You don’t need or get a certain number of boxes to open. You have a 1% chance of getting the king for every box you open. The base chance would stay the same even if you opened 600 boxes. Depending on how many boxes you open, your chances will go up, but the base chance will stay the same.

Is the Blooket with the King of Hearts the best one in the factory?

For example, the best ones for cash are the King of Hearts and the Mega Bot. They start at 80K every five seconds, and the King of Hearts can reach 8 billion. Please make sure they are all in the same class. 

How often does the king show up in Blooket?

King is a very well-known book. The chance of getting this Blook is 1%. This means that you don’t start with it and must buy a pack to get it. This blook can be used after you buy the Medieval pack.

Q. Is Blooket’s Phantom King real?

The Phantom King is a Mystical blook, which means you don’t have it by default. For 1,000 coins, you can sell it. Before it came out, there was a joke about it. It is not possible to get this Blook by opening a pack.

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