How to Get Mega Bot in Blooket?

Are you a big Blooket player who wants to improve the game? If so, you’ve probably heard of the Mega Bot, a powerful tool that can give you a significant edge in Blooket games. This piece provides step-by-step instructions on getting the Mega Bot in Blooket.

Whether you have played Blooket before, this guide will give you the information you need to improve your game. So, let’s get started and find out how to unlock the Mega Bot so you can become a Blooket master! 

What is Blooket’s giant bot?

Mega Bot is a famous bot. You don’t have it by default and must do something to get it. It drops 0.3% of the time and can be opened through the Bot Box. Megabots are mainly used to mess around with friends or as part of a custom game, but they can also be used for many other things.

How Can I Get Mega Bot?

Tokens can be spent on boxes that include several Blooks in a given category, with each package containing different rarity levels of Blooks that can be unlocked. Mega Bot is a Legendary rarity Blook that can only be obtained by opening the Bot Box.

How Can I Get Mega Bot?
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As a Legendary Blook, Mega Bot has a relatively low drop rate of 0.03%. To get Mega Bot, users must continue to pay chances to unlock the Bot Box until they receive it. Each time the Bot Box is opened, it costs 20 in-game tokens.

Mega Bot can be sold for tickets if needed:

If a player unlocks this incredibly uncommon Blook and does not want it, they can sell it for 200 tokens. Based on the rarity of the Blook, it is not worthwhile to sell it for that amount, but it may be significant for those in a hurry to open other boxes.

Why Should You Purchase the Mega Bot?

Blooket’s Mega Bot has various advantages that can dramatically improve your game experience:

1. Speed: The Mega Bot is faster than human players in completing chores and answering questions, giving you an advantage in time-sensitive games.

2. Accuracy: Because of its extensive knowledge base, the Mega Bot is less likely to make errors when answering questions, increasing your chances of winning.

3. Multitasking: The Mega Bot can play many games simultaneously, allowing you to earn more points and awards.

4. Strategic Insights: Watching the Mega Bot play can provide helpful insights on optimal strategies and tactics.


Your gaming experience can be enhanced by unlocking the Mega Bot in Blooket. You’ll be able to access this potent tool and take advantage of its many advantages by following the instructions in this guide.

The Mega Bot is an invaluable tool for recreational and competitive Blooket players due to its efficiency, accuracy, and strategic insights. To become a true Blooket champion, enter the Blooket Store, collect those Blooket Points, and turn on the Mega Bot.


Q1. What Blooket bot is the rarest?

The Mega Bot, which has a 0.3% chance of dropping, is the rarest look in this pack. Since it was created for the Crypto Hack game mode, most of the pack’s contents can be found there.

Q2. What rarest item can you find in Blooket?

The eighth and most rarest item in the game is a magical one. They sell for 1,000 tokens, 700 more than a conventional chroma, making it the most expensive object ever sold on the black market.

Q3. The Yeti in Blooket is how uncommon?

Among beasts, Yeti is legendary. As a result, it is not available to you by default and must be unlocked using a box. The Ice Monster box opens the door to this style. For 200 tokens, it may be purchased, and it has a 0.35% drop rate.

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