How to Get Megalodon in Blookey: Unleash the Power of This Rare Creature!

Are you a Blooket fan trying to become the best at video games by finding the mysterious Megalodon? This manual is your compass as you navigate Blooket’s dangerous waters in search of the game’s final treasure.

In the Blooket universe, Megalodon is a formidable ally and a towering representation of victory. So, if you’re ready to go out on this journey and achieve success, stay reading to learn the insider tips on locating Megalodon in Blooket!

Megalodon’s Importance:

Due to the Megalodon’s highest rarity among the legendaries, it is the only legendary blook that can be purchased for 250 tokens. Chromas also experiences this, especially with the Master Elf.

The Megalodon isn’t just any animal; it represents strength and rarity in Blookey. Any serious player who wants to dominate the tasks in the game must acquire it because of its regal presence in battle and unmatched powers.

How do you get Megalodon in Blooket?

A fabled beast is the Megalodon. This implies you do not automatically possess it and must use the Aquatic Box. The probability of finding this Legendary Blook is 0.2%.

Additionally, of the two Legendaries in the Aquatic Box—the other being the Baby Shark—it is the rarest Blook.

Megalodon is one of the most sought-after monsters in Sea of Thieves. It requires effort to find. The Megalodon is the most challenging shark to see, and you can only get one by opening the Aquatic Box. There are alternative looks, though, that can be acquired.

Players must accumulate in-game tokens to unlock the Aquatic Box. After that, they can spend 20 tokens to buy the box. Other legendary blooks can be obtained for less than 200 tokens, whereas the Megalodon blook costs 250.

There are other aquatic creatures like jellyfish, blobfish, and octopuses. Typically, you can find these in the Fishing Frenzy game mode.

Since they only appear in open water, they might be challenging to identify. The octopus should be easy to spot if you have an eye for aquatic wildlife.

The key to making the most of a look lies in understanding where to look. Fortunately, you can find open Blooket games using the Python script below.

How do you get Megalodon in Blooket?
source: blooket

This can be an excellent opportunity to check out some less well-known books and a terrific method to accumulate plenty of in-game tokens.

Of course, it’s usually a good idea to cruise around your preferred area of the map rather than idly move around. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sail the Sea of Thieves map.

Just be sure to respect the limits of the area you have selected. If not, you might run into a megalodon! Even while the GitHub cheat code isn’t a proper book, it functions similarly.

By answering straightforward trivia questions like “How many cars are there in the world,” you may use it to acquire in-game tokens. You can use photos as responses or import Quizlet question sets into the game.

Knowing where to look is the key to a successful expedition, whether you want to purchase a great white shark or a megalodon. You can get the most for your time and money by knowing where to look.

Megalodons are uncommon, legendary blooks. However, the Blooket hack community worked hard to unlock this look.

Buy 250 tokens to unlock the Megalodon shark blook.

Games earn tokens. Megalodon spawns randomly in the waters. It weighs 9 tons, surpassing the T.rex. You need to know where Megalodons generate to catch them. They usually reproduce in the open sea, although ships can disturb them.

The hardest part is getting a Megalodon shark appearance. It would help if you spent a lot of time searching for it because it spawns rarely. It can de-aggro from surrounding ships, therefore avoiding them while hunting.

The game has other great blooks. The Aquatic Box’s second-rarest blook is the Baby Shark. Baby Shark Blooks cost 200 tokens.

Blooks with low drop rates are legendaries from 0.2% to 1.05%. Other game books include The King, which drops 1%. Selling other blooks earns them. The baby shark, caterpillar, and Queen of Hearts are other books.

The Blooket Market has the best Megalodon shark blook. If you want it for free, you must work harder. Luckily, the Blooket hack community has a solution.

Here’s how. This Python script searches for open-blook games. It will alarm you. Later, the game link will be withdrawn. To use the hack safely, keep a bookmark handy.

Conclusion: Victory in the Blooket World is Awaiting!

Enter the game world with fresh vigor now that you have the information, tactics, and resolve to defeat Blooket and obtain Megalodon.

Remember that this quest is more than just a means to unlock a creature; it demonstrates your commitment, grit, and gaming expertise. So start your journey, accept the difficulties, and bask in the joy of claiming Megalodon as your ultimate triumph!


Q1. How can you obtain the shark in Blooket?

A legendary beast is the baby shark. This implies that you do not automatically possess it and must unlock it using a box. The Aquatic Box is used to access this Blook. It drops at a rate of 0.5%.

Q2. How do you battle Megalodon?

A Sloop needs 10–13 cannonball hits to defeat a Megalodon, a Brigantine needs 15–18 cannonball hits, and a Galleon needs 30–32 cannonball hits. The Megalodon’s bites also cause less harm to Sloops and Brigantines.

Q3. Which Blooket legendary is the most difficult to obtain?

Megalodon: The Megalodon shark blook is the most difficult to obtain from the Legendary Blook Rarity. It is not by default accessible.

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