You’ve probably heard of the elusive Rainbow Panda if you’re a Blooket fan. This cute and colorful panda figure has quickly become a popular addition to the game.

But How to Get Rainbow Panda in Blooket? The Safari Box, which costs 20 tokens, unlocks the rainbow panda. You only have a 0.02% chance of receiving it (or 1 in 5000), and you can sell it for 300 tokens each. The Tropical Globe was the first and most challenging blook to acquire from the market. 

This guide will walk you through the steps to get the Rainbow Panda in Blooket and add an extra layer of excitement to your gaming experience.

Why do players favor Rainbow Panda in a game of blooket?

Every gamer wants the rainbow panda for two reasons.

Why do players favor Rainbow Panda in a game of blooket?
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  1. The first is its distinctive appearance, which comes in various colours and tempts players to buy and flaunt it. 
  1. If you sell it, you might get 300 tokens simultaneously.

Let’s begin by learning how to achieve it.

How to Get Rainbow Panda in Blooket? 5 Easy Steps!

Here’s something to bear in mind before you attempt to capture the Rainbow Panda in Blooket: the Rainbow Panda is exceedingly rare. Your likelihood of obtaining one is 1 in 5000, or 0.02%. If you’re okay with that, then let’s continue:

How to Get Rainbow Panda in Blooket? 5 Easy Steps!
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1. Get 20 Tokens:

Blooket offers two ways to earn tokens: correctly answering questions or selling old Blooks.

2. Pay for a trip to Blooket Market:

The Blooket Market is located in the bottom-left corner. A kiosk may be seen in the icon.

3. Access the Safari Box:

You may see a number of packs at the Blooket Market’s peak. Only a few Blooks are present in each one. The Safari Pack, located on the right side, is the one you want to open. Keep in mind that there is a 0.02% chance you will obtain the Rainbow Panda.

4. Start It Now:

Click on “Stats” now. It is located in Blooket’s lower-left corner.

Except for being on the left end, it is in the same position as the Blooket Market. It has a bar-graph appearance.

5. Choose your profile photo from the options at the top of your page:

The Rainbow Panda is there for you to find and use as your new profile image.

Hopefully, you’ll be successful in obtaining the Rainbow Panda in Blooket. If not, then at least all of the questions you are accurately answering are making you smarter. In either case, having the best tower defense system will unquestionably aid in obtaining Tokens more quickly!

Here is some trivia for you (Don’t skip the 5th step for more info!)!

  1. This blook, along with the Tropical Globe, Ghost Cookie, and Ice Crab, has the lowest drop rate of 0.02%. 
  2. You got a better chance of receiving it because the other chromas in the Spooky Pack and Blizzard Pack are only available for 33/34 days. 
  3. The black patches around the Panda’s eyes have been tinted a yellow to purple color gradient and are dripping like paint, distinguishing this blook from Panda. 
  4. The ears have also been recolored.
  5. Rainbow Astronaut, Rainbow Narwhal, and Rainbow Jellyfish are the other blooks having the word “Rainbow” in their names.
  6. Whereas the Safari Pack is accessible every day. 
  7. Due to the release of the Dino box and the Ice Monster Pack, the Safari Pack now costs 20 tokens. 
  8. Along with Ice Crab, this blook has the lowest likelihood of being an unlimited period blook.
  9. It is tied with Rainbow Astronaut for the most colors.

How can I hack Blooket to get the Rainbow Panda Blook? 3 Easy Methods 

We scoured the internet for hours, looking for ways to purchase Rainbow Panda in Blooket. After several unsuccessful attempts, we found a 100% effective Blooket hack, enabling us to acquire this extremely uncommon Blooket blook.

How can I hack Blooket to get the Rainbow Panda Blook?
source: github

Method #1:

GitHub Blooket Rainbow Panda unlocking hack:

The introduction of a Blooket hack to unlock RAINBOW PANDA has been requested by numerous Blooket users. You can quickly gain Rainbow Panda with just a few clicks with this new Blooket hack. As follows:

1. Copy the Rainbow Panda unlocking GitHub Blooket script.

2. Next, navigate to the Blooket Market page and click anywhere on the page to launch the “Inspect Console.”

3. Insert the GitHub Blooket Rainbow Panda hack script in the Console window where the cursor is currently located.

4. When you do so, a cheat menu that we will use to unlock Rainbow Panda will appear.

5. From the menu bar, select Global Cheat-2 to unlock RAINBOW PANDA.

6. select the RAINBOW PANDA Blook from the Witch MENU by clicking above the SIMULATE UNLOCK.


You can also use various hacking methods to obtain all blooks, including rainbow panda. You should read one of our earlier posts where people talked about such cheats.

Method # 3:

We divided the process into two phases to simplify it; you must complete both steps to finish the task. We promise that if you follow these instructions to the letter, achieving rainbow blook will be much simpler for you.  


  1. To copy the GitHub hacking code, go to this website. If you can’t view the website, you still need to sign up for Github. [Finish the registration process to continue]. The code is essential since we’ll use it later to add tokens and unlock the Safari box looks.
  2. Visit and login in with your account after copying the code.
  3. Click the Market menu icon on the Blooket dashboard. Browse the Blooket Market page directly if you are already logged in.
  4. Choose Inspect by performing a right-click anywhere.
  5. From the panel, double-click the “Console” option. Paste the GitHub code we initially copied where the cursor is moving. Next, press Enter.
  6. A pop-up alert should now appear. Press “OK.” If you refresh the market page, 500 tokens will be added to your account.
  7. Continue until you get more than 4000 tokens by repeating the process three times or a few more times. Once you have this cash, you can go to step two to complete the requested activity.

STEP # 2:

The rarest look, with a very slim possibility of being achieved, can be unlocked by clicking the Safari box and spending money.

You should try using tokens to open it again and again. With a bit of work, you can obtain this special Blook. You can also similarly get other blooks, such as:

  • Chroma
  • Legendary
  • Magical blooks

Note: If the strategy above does not enable you to amass sufficient tokens, you can do so by answering each question in a blooket game correctly. For even faster token collection, we advise leveraging the Blooket auto-response techniques described in one of our earlier publications.

We are optimistic that one of the techniques described on that page will undoubtedly aid in unlocking the rainbow blook in Blooket. Best of luck!


So, rainbow panda gets unlocked Through the Safari Box, which costs 20 tokens. It can be obtained with a 0.02% probability (or 1 in 5000) and sold for 300 tokens each. After the Tropical Globe, it was the second-hardest blook to purchase from the market. The Rainbow Panda is more than just a pretty face; it’s a mark of success and a monument to your devotion to the game. 

It distinguishes you and demonstrates your dedication to mastering Blooket difficulties. The good point is that it costs only 20 tokens. Get it and enjoy with your new blook.


Q1. How many boxes do I need to open to get Rainbow Panda in Blooket?

One rainbow panda will be given away with each of the 5,000 safari boxes purchased.

Q2. What rarity is Panda in Blooket?

Panda is a Rare blook. You don’t get it by default and must unlock it through a market box.

Q3. How do you earn tokens in Blooket?

Tokens can be earned by participating in hosted or solitary games or purchasing your blooks.

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