In the gritty realm of Starz’s original crime drama, BMF, Bryan “B-Mickie” Mickie stands as a formidable and complex character portrayed by the talented Myles Truitt.

As the third OG in Meech and Terry’s 50 Boyz crew, B-Mickie is an instrumental figure in the narrative, contributing to the intricate dynamics of the Black Mafia Family.

This article delves into the multifaceted life of B-Mickie, exploring his role as a drug dealer, lieutenant, and informant, as well as his affiliations and relationships within the series.

A Thriving Criminal Underworld:

B-Mickie’s character is deeply embedded in the criminal underworld depicted in BMF. As a drug dealer, he navigates the dangerous streets alongside Meech and Terry, playing a pivotal role in the success and survival of the 50 Boyz crew. The series masterfully captures the challenges and risks associated with the illicit drug trade, and B-Mickie’s character adds an extra layer of intrigue to the narrative.

Rise to Power:

From his initial appearance in “See It… Touch It… Obtain It,” B-Mickie emerges as a character with a compelling backstory and a journey that unfolds throughout the series.

His rise to power within the 50 Boyz crew showcases the harsh realities of the criminal lifestyle, providing viewers with a nuanced perspective on the choices individuals make within such environments.

The Black Mafia Family Connection:

B-Mickie’s association with the Black Mafia Family (BMF) is central to his character’s identity. The complex web of relationships, loyalties, and betrayals within the BMF adds depth to the storyline, and B-Mickie’s presence is a testament to the intricate connections that define the criminal syndicate.

Double Life as an Informant:

One of the most intriguing aspects of B-Mickie’s character is his role as an informant, facilitated through his connection with Detective Bryant. This dual identity introduces a layer of tension and suspense, as B-Mickie must navigate the treacherous terrain of being both a trusted lieutenant within the crew and a source of information for law enforcement.

Relationships and Affiliations:

B-Mickie’s relationships within the series further contribute to the complexity of his character. His affiliation with the 50 Boyz, though facing challenges, is a crucial aspect of his identity. The dynamics between B-Mickie, Meech, Terry, and other characters unveil the intricate web of friendships, rivalries, and alliances that shape the BMF narrative.

B-Mickie’s Role as a Drug Dealer:

At the heart of B-Mickie’s character is his involvement in the drug trade, an element that propels the gripping narrative of BMF. As a trusted lieutenant in Meech and Terry’s 50 Boyz crew, B-Mickie navigates the perilous terrain of the Detroit streets, where every deal and transaction carries life-altering consequences.

The series meticulously portrays the challenges faced by individuals like B-Mickie, providing viewers with a visceral understanding of the dangers and risks inherent in the world of drug dealing. Through B-Mickie’s character, BMF explores the economic and social factors that drive individuals into a life of crime, shedding light on the complex choices they must make to survive and thrive in a ruthless environment.

The Evolution of B-Mickie’s Character:

From his initial appearance in the episode “See It… Touch It… Obtain It,” B-Mickie undergoes a transformative journey that mirrors the evolution of the series itself. As the narrative unfolds, viewers witness the layers of his character being peeled back, revealing the motivations, struggles, and ambitions that define him.

B-Mickie’s character development is a testament to the nuanced storytelling present in BMF, offering audiences not just a glimpse into the criminal world but also an exploration of the human experiences that shape these characters. Whether it’s the challenges faced within the crew or the personal dilemmas he confronts, B-Mickie’s evolution remains a captivating aspect of the series.

B-Mickie’s Duality as an Informant:

One of the most gripping plot twists in BMF is B-Mickie’s double life as an informant. The revelation that he collaborates with Detective Bryant adds a layer of suspense and tension, heightening the stakes for both the character and the overarching storyline.

B-Mickie’s duality introduces a moral ambiguity that resonates throughout the series, as he must grapple with the consequences of betraying those he has sworn loyalty to while attempting to secure his own safety.

This internal conflict not only adds depth to B-Mickie’s character but also raises profound questions about the blurred lines between right and wrong in the pursuit of survival within the criminal underworld.

The Intricate Web of Relationships and Affiliations:

B-Mickie’s connections within the 50 Boyz crew and the broader Black Mafia Family contribute significantly to the series’ intricate narrative tapestry. The alliances, friendships, and rivalries that B-Mickie navigates underscore the complexities of loyalty and trust within the criminal syndicate.

Viewers witness the impact of these relationships on B-Mickie’s decisions, highlighting the delicate balance required to maintain one’s standing within such a perilous environment. The series masterfully weaves together these interpersonal dynamics, creating a web of intrigue that elevates BMF beyond a typical crime drama, offering a profound exploration of human connections in the face of adversity.

B-Mickie’s Struggle with Morality:

B-Mickie’s character in BMF is a canvas painted with shades of moral ambiguity. As he juggles his roles as a drug dealer and informant, the series delves into the internal conflict that defines his existence. The constant tension between loyalty to his crew and the imperative to secure his own safety through collaboration with law enforcement creates a captivating ethical dilemma.

This struggle with morality not only humanizes B-Mickie but also prompts viewers to question the price individuals pay for survival in an environment where choices are seldom black and white. As the narrative unfolds, the exploration of B-Mickie’s moral compass becomes a pivotal element, challenging traditional notions of right and wrong and adding a layer of psychological depth to the character.

B-Mickie’s Impact on the 50 Boyz Crew:

B-Mickie’s presence within the 50 Boyz crew goes beyond his role as a lieutenant; it significantly influences the dynamics and trajectory of the crew. His decisions, alliances, and conflicts reverberate through the organization, shaping its identity and resilience.

The power struggles within the crew, often exacerbated by B-Mickie’s dual life, create a compelling microcosm of the larger criminal world depicted in BMF.

As viewers witness the consequences of his actions on the crew’s cohesion and survival, B-Mickie emerges not just as a character navigating his own complex journey but as a catalyst for the larger narrative’s twists and turns. His impact on the 50 Boyz crew serves as a testament to the intricacies of power, trust, and betrayal within the unforgiving landscape of organized crime.


In the compelling world of BMF, Bryan “B-Mickie” Mickie emerges as a character of depth, complexity, and intrigue. Myles Truitt’s portrayal brings to life the challenges and choices faced by those navigating the criminal underworld.

B-Mickie’s role as a drug dealer, lieutenant, and informant, along with his relationships and affiliations, adds a layer of authenticity to the series, making him an integral part of the captivating saga that unfolds within the Black Mafia Family.

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