What is the Rarest Blook in Blooket

Interactive games have transformed learning experiences in the realms of education and engagement. Blooket is one such game that has grown in popularity. 

As they immerse themselves in its unique challenges, players frequently ponder the rarest blossoms that exist inside this digital ecosystem. 

In this article, we set out to unravel the mystery behind Blooket’s rarest bloom.

What is a Blook? (for Newbies!)

A blook is a little animal, item, or human that appears in games as the player’s icon or as an enemy.

Many other Blook characters can be obtained by purchasing Box sets or conquering tournament events.

What is the Rarest Blook in Blooket?

Each Blook is classified by rarity, ranging from the ordinary ones that come with the game to the Mysticals, which are among the most incredible monsters and nearly impossible to obtain.

From various Box sets, you can purchase a wide variety of Blook characters, or you can acquire them through winning tournaments.

The winner can be from the Contest of Candy or a Halloween-themed event held once a year.

This is the first Mystical Rarity Blook, one of the rarest blooks available, costing 1,000 tokens. 

Only two people currently have it: the Candy Quest winners from concurrent years of 2020 and 2021.

We have compiled a list of the rarest and most mysterious Blooks, all needing much effort and tokens to obtain.

Top 12 rarest blooks in Blooket!

Blocks are amazing and exciting. Everyone loves to have a unique blook. There is a list of top 12 rarest blooks that are jotted- down for you.

Tyrannosaurus Rex:

There are five different colors in the Blook. The Blook’s eyes are both black and white, while its body is created in the color green. The mouth is dark red, the tongue is red, and there are sixty white teeth. The Blook image reveals that although it appeared to have only two claws, it had three.

It is a Legendary Blook that was discovered in the Dino Box. It needs 25 tokens to access the Dino Box, which contains the legendary Blook, so you can’t just get it by default. It has a 0.3% drop rate, which means that if you open it twice, you have a 99.7% chance of not receiving it.

The price of this Blook is 200 Tokens, much like previous Blooks. You can only get this Blook from the Dino Box because it is only available in the Deceptive Dinos game mode.

Features of Tyrannosaurus Rex Categories of Tyrannosaurus Rex 
ExistenceOnly one
Drop Rate0.3%
Get fromDino box
Sold200 Tokens

King of Hearts Blook:

You cannot automatically get it because it is a famous Blook. The Wonderland Box, which requires 25 Tokens to open, contains the Blook, which is trapped inside.

The Blook is present in a number of Blooket game variants, including Factory, Crazy Kingdom, Tower of Defence, and Tower of Doom. King of Hearts is the rarest and one of the most exquisite Blooks in Blooket, with a 0.3% drop rate.

Features of King of Hearts Blook  Categories of King of Hearts Blook  
ExistenceOnly one
Drop Rate0.3%
Get fromWonderland Box
Sold200 Tokens

Rainbow Panda Blook:

The Rainbow Panda Blook stands out from other blooket blooks thanks to its various colors.

Because it is a Chroma Blook, the game does not allow you to have it by default. It would help if you unlocked it from the Safari box, which costs 20 Tokens to get it.

One of the hardest to obtain Blooks in Blooket’s Market menu, it has a minimum drop rate of 0.02%, which means that the possibility of not receiving it is 0.98% if Safari Box is opened twice.

The price of the Rainbow Panda Blook is 300 Tokens. The Blook is only available from the Safari Box because it is not included in game modes. This one has the most colors in Blooket games when compared to Blooks.

Features of King of Rainbow Panda Blook:Categories of Rainbow Panda Blook:   
ExistenceOnly one
Drop Rate0.02%
Get fromSafari Box
Sold300 Tokens

Tropical Globe:

One of Blooket’s rarest Blooks, the Tropical Globe is a reskinned Snow Blook. The coconut tree may be seen in this Blook.

Tropical Globe is a Chroma Blook, therefore it is not available by default in the game mode; instead, you must unlock it by paying 20 tokens to open the Blizzard box in the Market menu.

Features of Tropical Globe:Categories of Tropical Globe:
ExistenceOnly one
Drop Rate0.02%
Get fromBlizzard
Sold300 Tokens

Frost Wreath Blook:

As a Chroma Blook, the Frost Wreath is not available by default in the game and must be unlocked via the Blizzard Box, which is only accessible from December through March during the Christmas season.

It is one of the most challenging Blooks to acquire, with a drop rate of 0.03%, the second-lowest ever, and 0.01% less than the Tropical Globe and the Rainbow Panda. It can only be opened from the Blizzard box and is not currently accessible in any game mode. Frost Wreath is a redone and icier variation of the Holiday Wreath.

Features of Frost Wreath Blook:Categories of Frost Wreath Blook:
ExistenceOnly one
Drop Rate0.03%
Get fromBlizzard Box
Sold300 Tokens

Haunted Pumpkin

The Haunted Pumpkin is the Pumpkin Blook in black and white. A Chroma Blook can be discovered in the Spooky Box, which is exclusively available during the Spooktober event from mid-to late-October. Since it is a chroma look, you must unlock it from the Spooky box to use it.

With a 0.05% drop rate, the likelihood of not receiving the Haunted Pumpkin Blook is 99.95% if you open the Spooky box twice. You can sell this Blook for 300 tokens.

Features of Frost Haunted Pumpkin :Categories of Haunted Pumpkin :
ExistenceOnly one
Drop Rate0.05%
Get fromSpooky Box
Sold300 Tokens

Spooky Ghost:

A fun-loving animated green ghost, Spooky Ghost has black, cheery eyes and a smile. This is the first Mystical kind Blook that you receive after winning the Candy event contest. Tim The Alien is the other of the two animated Blooks that are available on the Blooket website.

Additionally, Tim The Alien is the Blook that takes the most work to obtain, with Spooky Ghost Blook coming in second. It only appears in one game mode, “Santa’s Workshop.”

The Spooky Ghost’s strongest attribute is its highest selling price in the game at 1000 tokens. AceOfSpadesOG and Metella are the only users that currently have this Blook.

Features of Spooky Ghost:Categories of Spooky Ghost:
ExistenceOnly one
Drop RateAwarded
Get from1st place in the contest Candy Event
Sold1000 Tokens

Lucky Frog Blook:

The rarest Blook in Blooket, Lucky Frog, has a 100% rarity. This Chroma and limited-time Blook is only available on St. Patrick’s Day through the Lucky Box, which costs 500 tokens. It is not known by default.

St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2022, marked its Blooket Market premiere. A green frog with black eyes and a four-leaf clover on its body sits based on chartreuse (a yellow-green colour), followed by another violet base. Lucky Frog Blook comes in five different colours.

It is only present in the Fishing Frenzy game mode. It will fetch 300 Tokens when sold. It won’t be available the following St. Patrick’s Day or ever.

Features of Lucky Frog Blook: Categories of Lucky Frog Blook: 
ExistenceOnly one
Drop Rate100%
Get fromLucky Box
Sold300 Tokens

Agent Owl Blook:

You don’t automatically receive it because it’s a Chroma Blook. You must place in the top 25 in the Potions of Pix’ahlia competition in order to win this Blook. The tower of defence game mode includes it. The Agent Owl is the third and last upgrade in Tower of Defence, based on its stats.

Features of Agent Owl Blook:  Categories of Agent Owl Blook: 
ExistenceOnly one
Drop RateN/A
Get fromTop 25 in Potions of Pix’ahlia Event
SoldTower Defense

Santa Claus:

Santa Clause is a fabled look that can only be obtained from December through March in the Blizzard box. It is not available by default because it is a legendary look; however, you can unlock it or buy it from the Blizzard box in the Market menu.

It has a 1% drop rate, therefore the likelihood of not getting it is 99% if you open the Blizzard box twice. For 200 tokens, you can sell it like other legendary Blooks.

The King from the medieval box drops at the same pace as this Blook. It includes game modes such Tower of Doom, Fishing Frenzy, Santa’s Workshop, and the Crazy Kingdom in addition to Santa’s Workshop.

Features of Santa Claus:   Categories of Santa Claus:   
ExistenceOnly one
Drop Rate1%
Get fromBlizzard Box
RarityLegendary Blook 
Sold200 Tokens

King Blook:

King is a legendary Blook located in the Medieval box in the Market menu. That suggests that since you can’t receive it by default, you have to buy it in order to unlock it from the medieval box, which only costs 15 tokens.

It has a 1% drop rate, thus if you open the Medieval box twice, the likelihood that you won’t find it is 99%. For 200 tokens, you can sell it like other legendary Blooks.

The Santa Claus from the Blizzard box drops this Blook at the same rate. It is included in game types including Factory and Tower of Doom in addition to Tower Defence.

Features of King Blook:Categories of King Blook:
Drop Rate1%
Get fromMedieval Box
Rarity Legendary Blook 
Sold200 Tokens

Megalodon Blook:

The Megalodon fish was considered when creating Megalodon Blook. The Megalodon fish then emerges in three unique layers with a sky blue colour basis, which are indigo blue, white, and red, with a Maya Blue coloured upper body. Ten black teeth with a black centre are also present at the centre.

Because it is a Legendary Blook, you must purchase the Aquatic Box, which costs 20 in-game tokens, in order to unlock it.

With a 0.2% drop rate, it is one of Blooket’s rarest Blooks, which implies that if you open it twice, the odds of not receiving it are 99.8%. The only legendary Blook that can be purchased for 250 Tokens is this one.

Features of Megalodon BlookCategories of Megalodon Blook
Drop Rate0.2%
Get fromAquatic Box
Rarity Legendary Blook 
Sold250 Tokens


The Rarest Blook in Blooket symbolises gamers’ diligence, talent, and commitment in this thriving gaming community. More than just a virtual rarity, it represents success and togetherness. Remember that the route to the Rarest Blook is an adventure in and of itself, full of difficulties, triumphs, and the excitement of the uncharted. Are you prepared to begin this captivating quest, fellow gamer? The Rarest Blook is waiting for you; may the journey be storied!


Q1. What is the highest Blooket rarity?

Mysticals are the game’s eighth and most valuable rarity. They have reached the highest ever Blooket sell price of 1,000 tokens, which is 700 times higher than a standard chroma. Mystical blooks can only be obtained by winning an event.

Q2. What is a rare Blooket blook?

Rare blooks are one of the five rarest blook species. There are presently 27 rares from 11 distinct packs, with a 7-8% chance of finding a rare in a pack.

Q3. What is the rarest chroma Blooket?

The Chroma Colored Astronauts are the rarest blooks in the Space Pack, each possessing a 0.05% drop rate.

Q4. What Blooket rarity is the rarest?

Megalodon: The Megalodon shark blook is the most difficult to obtain from the Legendary Blook Rarity. It is not by default accessible.

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